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Methods of attracting live Instagram followers

Buying quality followers on Instagram is quite a long and time-consuming process. But if you are determined to attract only a live, active audience to your account, want to take care of promotion of your brand and expand its influence – these are the only effective ways of recruitment. Everyone can buy instagram followers, but you will still need to use more tools if you want to succeed.

Mass liking

Mass liking is mass liking of posts and comments of the right users to get their attention. It works in the following way:

  • The target audience is selected.
  • Lists of users or “donors” with the TA you are interested in are loaded into the program.
  • Limits and parameters for the automatic likes to be set.
  • Service or program addictive subscribers goes to work.
  • From here on, everything is simple. The user sees your likes and goes to the profile out of interest. If the user is close to its theme and design, he subscribes.

In general, even if you manage to get only a reciprocal liking with Mass liking, it’s also very good. The algorithm Instagram will then promote your posts to him in the “Recommended”. The conversion of the method of promotion is not so great – only about 3%. But it is purely your target audience.

Mass following

If you want to be subscribed to you, then you also need to follow others. It’s a simple reciprocity rule that has proven to be a very effective way to find subscribers. The essence of the method is to subscribe in bulk to users selected according to certain criteria and matching the description of your target audience. You sign up for a user, the user sees it in their notifications and goes to their profile to see who is subscribed. If he is interested in the account, he subscribes back. The effectiveness of the tool depends on many factors – selection of the user base, profile design, and much more. Just a few years ago, mass following yielded amazing results. Today users are already very sophisticated, but Mass following is still a stable way to find “live” subscribers.

Mass looking

Mass looking is a relatively new way to find subscribers. The essence of the method is mass browsing Stories of TA users. The logic of Mass looking is similar to the two previous methods. Many users quite rightly want to know how many people are viewing their stories, as well as who is viewing them. As a result, many look at the statistics and review their list of viewers. Seeing new faces there, the user has a perfectly natural desire to look at the profile. This method has several advantages. First, it is the relative newness. Not everyone is yet familiar with Mass looking and take the views sincerely. Secondly, you can view a huge number of Stories on a daily basis and if at least 1% of users become your subscribers, this is more than enough for productive promotion.


Collaborations are another interactive way to find followers for commercial accounts and personalities. The standard understanding of collaborations on Instagram is the interaction of brands and opinion leaders within a project. For example, opinion leaders enter into a collaboration with a product manufacturer on the terms of which they promote the product or involve it in their creativity, work, and so on. Subscribers see that their idol is loyal to the brand and they themselves begin to trust and take an interest in it, or they buy goods and services in an effort to become closer to the blogger.

The effectiveness of collaborations is due to the phenomenon of social proof. When we see that someone speaks well of a product and enjoys using it, we start to be more loyal to it, even if we have never used it. So it’s a great way to get active instagram followers.