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CS:GO Marketplaces

Regardless of the skills of playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, every user can safely not only buy CS:GO weapons, but also sell or trade their unique CS:GO skins for real money. Today on the Internet you can find many specialized online resources where you can buy cs go cases.

One of the most reliable places is the official marketplace CS:GO on Steam. This is not only the safest, but also the best store, because the seller will be remitted funds only after you take the purchased skins, weapons or other things. You can find it by searching online. Just make sure that you are on the official page. Although there are many other specialized sites.

The best marketplaces

Like most similar services, this store CS:GO works automatically. The system itself controls the transfer of game items to the buyer and guarantees 100% payment of real money to the seller. However, in order to sell or buy CS:GO skins should perform a single prerequisite, which will open access to the trading platform under consideration. You need to make any financial transaction on the site Steam or in the application. For example, to top up your virtual wallet, buy the game or additional content, as well as buy CS:GO weapons in the amount of 5 dollars without refund and in the absence of disputes over the operation within 7 days before starting to use the site, but no later than 1 year ago. Note that the activation of gifts and digital keys will not remove this restriction.

With restricted access to the store of things CS:GO on Steam you can not buy CS:GO weapons, but only to see all its skins and prices that are on sale. But even with access to the marketplace, the site has security requirements under which things are held and exchanged for a period of time. To remove such a hold, you need mobile authentication – Steam Guard. If you have open access, then on the trading platform users have the opportunity to safely sell or buy weapons CS:GO, military paraphernalia and other items for real money. Note that the funds from the sale of skins can not withdraw from your account, transfer or donate.

Therefore, many players use other marketplaces CS: GO, which implemented the possibility of immediate withdrawal to bank cards VISA and MasterCard, as well as electronic purses. These online resources offer to buy weapons CS: GO at prices below those on Steam. In this case, some online stores CS:GO combine virtual exchange and marketplace, which brings together sellers and buyers of items Counter Strike: Global Offensive, such as csgo skin upgrade.

For their regular users, these stores regularly hold lucrative promotions and offer small discounts from the list of rarity. The only disadvantage is that the stores charge a commission of 5 to 10% of the cost of weapons or skins. In conclusion, we note that any reliable CS:GO skins trading platform works on the principle of the best digital distribution store Steam. Therefore, trade, sell or buy CS:GO weapons skins through third-party resources only if you have Steam authorization.