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Healing features of hemp oil

Hemp belongs to the oilseed species. Its seeds contain up to 35% oil. In the past, it was often eaten as a meal. After the signing of the international convention against drugs, cultivation of the plant became more difficult. Special permits are required for the care of the crops. The unique composition of the oil fraction stimulates farmers to overcome obstacles. But at cbd tincture 1000mg can be purchased at any time. Hemp oil is contained in it: 

  • up to 50 % linoleic;
  • up to 28 % linolenic acid.

Given that in the body from the latter can be synthesized arachidonic acid, we can draw a conclusion about the usefulness of the product. In addition, the seeds contain proteins, phytin and choline (vitamin B4).

How useful hemp oil is and whether it is easy to buy it

  • Unsaturated high-molecular acids stimulate metabolism, strengthen cell membranes, prevent sclerotic changes in blood vessels, increase circulation.
  • Holin improves the transmission of nerve impulses, promotes effective brain function, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, protects the liver from toxins.
  • Proteins contained in hemp seeds have a balanced composition of replaceable and essential amino acids.
  • Phytin, whose mass fraction in the seeds reaches 5%, is used as a drug to stimulate the hematopoiesis system, strengthen bone tissues, as well as in lowering blood pressure in vessels, nervous system depletion, impotence, diathesis.

Despite the legal difficulties in obtaining permits for growing hemp, farmers have successfully supplied the market with oil from the seeds of plants. They do it by cold spinning. The technology does not damage the content of valuable components. So you can buy cbd 1000mg in special online shops.

Application of hemp oil for cosmetic purposes

Hemp oil is an ancient product. Girls have long used it as a cosmetic product. Modern women have also made sure of the beneficial properties of oil. It should be remembered that it refers to the drying, when in contact with the air can easily form dense films, especially during long storage. Densely closed dark bottles of hemp oil should therefore be kept in a closed closet without light.

For the face

The oil composition improves the protective cover of the skin, increases its elasticity, reduces irritation. It is necessary to apply a mask of room temperature oil, hold it for 20 minutes and then gently remove the unabsorbed layer with a paper tissue. You can add a small amount of sugar or soda, apply the mixture as a scrub. To clean the skin, the liquid mass should be gently rubbed over the entire surface until the face is lightly pink. After that the mask should be washed off with thermal water.

For hair

The root part of the hair needs to be nourished. The composition of the oil push-up stimulates blood circulation to the roots of the hair. A small portion of oil should be rubbed into the skin. Cover your head with a plastic headscarf or put on a shower cap. After half an hour, wash your head with normal mild products.

For body skin

Hemp oil has an antimicrobial effect, quickly relieves inflammation in the open areas of the body. In mild manifestations of the disease can be fully cured by the herbal mixture, in complex cases, you need to combine this product with medication. To improve the overall tone, it is useful to periodically do general body rubs. After the procedure, the oil residue should be removed with a natural cotton cloth or paper towel.

Hemp oil in oncology

Research by a Canadian physician, his own life experience shows that high concentrations of one form of cannabis inhibit the development of malignant cells.