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How to choose a gift for Christmas

Today we’re going to work with you on the most responsible and important thing. We suggest you think in advance about how to choose a gift for the New Year. And for that, use our helpful instructions on the process of selecting gifts, so at the responsible moment quickly and easily find the perfect thing!

What are the criteria for a perfect gift?

What do you think a good gift should be? It can be different. To make it easy for you, we made a list of criteria with examples. So a gift can be:

  1. Beautiful: stylish, exquisitely decorated (for example, expensive lace linen in a beautiful box / jewelry / rare piece of interior / gift edition of reproductions of your favorite artist).
  2. Practical: long-lasting, high quality, gift “for the ages”, useful, applicable (for example, the recipient’s hobby attribute / certificate to a favorite store or this gift card
  3. Original: memorable, creative, which exactly no one has ever given (for example, a named star / song or poem / beautiful deed).
  4. Emotional: an experience and emotion (e.g., travel / theater tickets / extreme attractions / entertainment).

Who will you buy gifts for?

Once the criteria are defined, it’s time to think about who, and most importantly, what you’ll be giving. So you’re not racking your brains, we’re sharing a great way to do it. Thanks to him you can save a lot of time and make a list of gifts that take into account the desires of your environment. Take a notebook (or you can make a list on an electronic device) and divide the list into four groups. In each group, write the names of the people in your environment according to their preferences:

  • those who like beautiful gifts.
  • those who appreciate practicality.
  • those who need to surprise with an original gift.
  • those who will be happy with an emotional gift.

This will make it very easy, because you can think of gifts from one category for each group of people. At the same time you can be sure that your gifts will please the recipients. Now you will have a clear understanding of what to focus on when choosing a gift for each person. It seems like a simple step, but already much easier – now the whole picture is before your eyes, and you will not miss anything.

Divide the recipients into psychological types

Remember the habits of the person to whom the gift is intended. Look for clues in everyday life: a person’s attitude to things, personality traits, preferences.

Example. Practical people like things that are good and useful in life. And emotional nature on the contrary – most of all appreciate the experience, the mood, the atmosphere, collecting memories.

Now you have a common vector of where to look for ideas. You will save a lot of time if you buy several similar gifts for people from the same group on your list. At the same time the gift is sure to please them, because you chose it with the character and preferences in mind. If you still want to choose a more versatile gift, explore Here you will have the opportunity to choose a great gift for everyone.