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Duct manufacturing machine

Rectangular ducts are a popular type of ventilation systems. Such constructions are convenient and profitable to install in any premises. They are compact and have good performance, so in the construction of buildings and premises they are in many ways preferable to circular structures. The round ducts are a necessary component of ventilation systems in modern buildings. Pipelines of galvanized steel, through which air flows move, are the most popular. Such systems consist of elements connected by selvage joints. And the systems themselves are made on ventilation pipe machines. Get more detail at

Rectangular ducts

Such designs prove best in large ventilated areas with a cross-section or with the device of complex installations, as suspended ceilings. The first vents were standard size, but with the development of technology and innovation, equipment for a variety of designs became available for use. And the first consumers of such mechanisms were medium-level businessmen with mass production. Making a high quality ventilation duct involves the use of a specialized machine, such as an automatic line for the production of air ducts.

Automatic devices

Automatic machines for the production of rectangular ducts are multifunctional and represent a complex of necessary equipment for production. Rectangular duct lines allow you to produce a ventilation complex in a short time.

The composition of the complex:

  1. Unwinders for coiled material;
  2. Material feeder mechanism;
  3. Unit for straightening the workpiece;
  4. Unit for bending operations;
  5. Mechanism for cutting.

In addition, machines have devices for forming stiffening ribs and for cutting corners. Such a complex provides a strong and reliable vent construction. Unit with automation for manufacturing of constructions of required section is a unique equipment with high payback period and profitability.

Technology of systems creation

With the help of equipment, with computer control, it is possible to perform such operations in a simple way:

  • Bending, for simple assemblies;
  • Box forming;
  • Cutting of sheet material according to given parameters.

The use of such a mechanism increases the speed of manufacturing ventilation with a square cross-section. One operator is required to control the system, who has to control the work of the whole complex to form products using the control panel with a controller. This technique is versatile due to its modular structure, so it is suitable for versatile tasks. If you need to speed up the process of creating systems of the required cross-section, there is a possibility of using several uncoilers in the complex of the line for duct production. This will speed up the work in the case where metals of different thicknesses are used.

High-performance equipment for systems is already waiting for you at To purchase a machine for making air ducts, call the specialists at the phone numbers listed on the website. They will choose optimal equipment for production of ventilation complexes, tell you about the characteristics of the equipment and prices. In addition, you can get answers to any questions about registration and delivery of goods to your city or production. You will find favorable prices for automatic production lines for the production of rectangular ducts. Buying equipment is simple, delivery of goods is carried out in any region with a transport company or the way you choose.