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It is difficult to name a steroid more popular than Boldenone. Due to its high efficiency and poorly expressed androgenic and estrogenic action, the drug is equally popular among athletes of both sexes. The action of “Boldenone” is similar to the action of testosterone, but the difference is that this anabolic is more gentle on the athlete’s body. Like many other drugs for athletes, “Boldenone” causes a shift in nitrogen balance upward, which causes an excellent appetite and a significant increase in protein synthesis in the body. Those athletes who prefer to buy Boldenone, celebrated not only by its high biological activity, but also the almost complete absence of side effects, which, alas, common to many sports drugs.

This is not to say that ” Boldenone ” is completely lacking in estrogenic activity, but in this case its effect is so insignificant that it may well be considered a positive moment. When using the drug in the recommended dosage, which is 300-400 mg per week, such unpleasant phenomena as fat deposition and gynecomastia are almost completely eliminated. A small, gentle aromatization, at the same time, has an extremely positive effect, renewing androgen receptors and thereby enhancing the anabolic effect of the drug. More details on the website:

Experts especially recommend buying Boldenone for bodybuilding and powerlifting, since one of the properties of this steroid is to stimulate the production of erethropoietin, a hormone by the kidney glands, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. Enhanced synthesis of eretropoietin , or as it is called EPA, leads to a significant improvement in the supply of oxygen to all body tissues, including muscles. In addition to the growth of quality muscle mass, it also provides excellent vascularity, which is so appreciated by many athletes. 

The drug “Boldenone ” can be combined with testosterone and anadrol , which, with the correct dosage, gives simply amazing results. In this case, only increased control over nutrition will be required, since it will be very difficult to curb the appetite caused by this explosive complex. Applying 300-400 mg of the drug per week, you absolutely do not run the risk of experiencing the slightest side effects, since many years of experience using Boldenone in sports has shown that such a dosage is absolutely safe even for athletes extremely susceptible to estrogen.

We recommend buying Boldenone for those athletes who are afraid of side effects, because in this regard, the drug is completely safe.  

Charactericitcs of BOLDABOL

Boldabol is a synthetic anabolic steroid. The androgenic and estrogenic effect of the drug is similar to testosterone, but it is not so pronounced. The formula of the drug differs from testosterone by the presence of a double bond in the first and fourth positions. This property is its main advantage over testosterone.

Boldabol, representing from itself metandrostenol devoid of 17-alpha methyl group, promotes the passage of substances through the liver without being destroyed. Due to this, the maximum anabolic effect is observed with minimal aromatization, as well as the maintenance of the nitrogen balance at a normal level. Source:


Boldabol allows androgen receptors to bind independently in the body and activate hormones. An increase in appetite stimulates a proportional increase in strength. Active protein metabolism contributes to the gradual build-up of muscle mass. Boldenone does not make it possible to build up the necessary muscles in a short period of time, this process occurs gradually, without disrupting the vital functions of the body.