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U.S. SHIPPING: outsources Shipping to a Freight Forwarder; therefore:

  • Customer is responsible to measure doorways, hallways and stairways before completing order to verify
    all items purchased will fit. will not be responsible for items that cannot fit inside. If
    Customer refuses and/or returns an item(s) please refer to the RESTOCKING/RETURNS policies for fees which
    may be incurred.
  • cannot designate a delivery date and/or time (see Freight Forwarder for more information)
  • will not be responsible for damage that occurs after items are delivered to the freight
    forwarder (see Freight Forwarder for more information). Customer must inform freight forwarder of any and
    all damage(s) to packaging and/or items upon receipt and file a claim if necessary in accordance with the terms
    and conditions of the freight forwarder. Customer has the right to refuse the items that arrive damaged in
    accordance with the terms and conditions of the freight forwarder; therefore, we recommend customer read
    the freight forwarder paperwork before signing for receipt of goods.
  • If items are lost, a claim needs to be filed with the freight forwarder in accordance with the freight forwarder
    terms and conditions.

    SHIPPING INSURANCE: Due to the value of your purchase we require shipping insurance be purchased. Please refer to
    the Shipping Insurance chart below to determine your Shipping Insurance Fee:

    Shipping Insurance


    Invoice Total 
    Shipping Insurance

    $0.00 -$100.00


    $100.01 -$500.00


    $500.01 -$1,000.00


    $2,000.01 -$3,000.00


    $3,000.01 -$4,000.00


    $4,000.01 -$5,000.00


    $5,000.01 -$6,000.00


    $6,000.01 -$7,000.00

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    These terms and conditions are in addition to the standard Conditions of Use of the Pursuant
    to those terms, title and risk of loss for the items transfer to the recipient upon delivery to the freight forwarder.