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Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Is it Art or Furniture?


Howies Furniture Proudly Carries and Stocks the Following Natuzzi Editions Sofas and Sectionals


Natuzzi 615 Leather Sofa

Available Natuzzi 615 Leather Sectional Pieces


615 Dimensions

Natuzzi B749 Leather Sofa

B615 Leather Sofa

Available Natuzzi B749 Leather

Sectional Pieces


B749 Dimensions

Natuzzi B504 Leather Sofa

Available Natuzzi B504 Leather Sectional Pieces


B504 Dimensions


Why Natuzzi ?


While Natuzzi leather products are now produced globally the long tradition of Italian fine furniture making is founded in the centuries old Italian master craftsman guilds. A fine art culture responsible for the nurturing of brilliant minds such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Davinci, Natuzzi's ancestral past is steeped in centuries of genius. Proven designs, legacy craftsmanship and the know-how, all producing furniture and architecture to last the centuries.


Natuzzi today is an up to date, modern business with manufacturing plants located around the world. A vertical manufacturer, Natuzzi controls the sourcing of raw materials and production of leather furniture products. Sofas, chairs and sectionals all are in one quality control chain from start to finish. This control allows Natuzzi Group to produce in-house, the finest produced leathers in today's Modern Furniture World.

Natuzzi B504 Sectional

B615 Leather Sofa

B749 Sofa

Construction and Design

Natuzzi has long been a leader in contemporary furniture design and construction. The Famous Uni-Body is constructed from solid European Woods and today's latest manufacturing technology. As a modern furniture manufacturer, Natuzzi employs furniture engineers to produce the finest Uni-Body frame. The smart engineering shines through when natural materials are made even stronger as intelligently processed wood products.


Molded Plywood

Today's modern furniture uses Molded Plywood, giving form to contoured and bent sufaces. Creating molded wood work is an artwork in itself and when added with engineered plywood molded plywood enhances the beauty of a piece and adds additional strength only plywoods can deliever.


Additional Strength

After construction, the entire outer frame is wrapped in masonite to further strengthen and prevent the tearing of fabric or leather by bolstering the finished subsurface. The entire frame is then covered in foam, adding softness to the look of the angular framed surface.


Seat Suspension

A great seat is what it's all about in the end. Creating a durable and resilient seat is paramount to being a leader in the leather sofa industry. Using time tested European technology, wide support straps made from nylon and polyester are attached to the frame in a permanent fashion. The straps are then basket weaved one over and under the other. This basket weave adds additional strength and durability to the long use of the seat. The tensioning of the straps as they are attached to the frame and tightened, is monitored and adjusted by computer operated machinery to ensure seating consistency and engineer standards.


Natuzzi 615 Leather Sofa

B615 Sofa

Choosing the Correct Leather



Learn Which Leather Best Suits Your Needs

Nattuzi Edtions




World Leader in Leather Upholestry


As a company devoted to quality, Natuzzi Furniture employes an engineering staff to create the best foam seat possible in modern leather sofas today. In fact they have patents on their foam technology and foam is made exclusively to their standards. A variety of different foams, polyesters or feathers are combined to ensure the best wear and seat on each piece.


Conclusion of Proof

All together the thoughtful consideration to design and the deliberate smart engineering has allowed Natuzzi Leather Group to become one of the worlds best and well know brands for quality and style. When we think of their continued commitment to quality and advanced engineering it's easy to see why their sets retain such a high personal value to their past customers. Visit our Leather showroom to see why you should have "Natuzzi Leather Set" sitting in your living room.